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6 Tips for Creating an Effective About Page

wbx99t 6 Tips for Creating an Effective About Page

In order to add credibility and personalization to an online business, a site should have a comprehensive “About Us” section. The page needs to be clear, informative and easy to find. Don’t hide information about your business. Instead, give your visitors a page that you would be proud to have read. With a solid backbone behind your online presence, visitors will be more likely to consider your site for a purchase.

Here are six things you should include on your “About Us” page.

1. What you do

Before you begin writing, think about what you look for in a company. Provide information that would give customers insight as to why your company is credible and why they should buy from you. This is a great place to list your Mission Statement. An example of an effective Mission Statement comes from Google, “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. This statement tells you what they do, why they do it and in a way that is written well and to the point.

2. Your story

Reflect on the core roots of your business and how it all began. Not only how, but why it began. If you are just starting out, think about what made you decide to start this particular type of business. This information can add a personal touch to your site.

3. Why you’re different

This can either be an extremely easy question to answer, or an extremely hard one. Think on this one for awhile. Your answer can range from offering free shipping on all items, to being a mom-and-pop shop. You can also give some general information here that may boost you above the competition, such as listing items that are rare or giving customers reassuring statements- “If you aren’t satisfied with an item, your money back guaranteed!”

4. How long you’ve been around

If you have a physical store, include the length of time it’s been around. If a customer sees that your brick and mortar store has been around for several years- whether your site is a week or a year old may make no difference. Instead, the fact that you’ve been involved in selling these particular items for a length of time is substantial enough. Also mention how long your company has had its website. If your business is a website in its entirety and it’s just starting out, don’t be afraid to mention that. The truth is always the best answer in generating trust.

5. How to reach you

If you already have an easily seen “Contact Us” section, good job. The “About Us” section is a great place to reiterate this information. If you have a physical location, list the address here. Having an actual address and a phone number on the site is a major plus. In generating your contact information, take it from a customer’s point of view. If a number and address aren’t listed, what is the reasoning behind such? Does the company not want to be bothered? Are they hiding something? If I make a purchase and I’m not satisfied, what could I possibly do? Try to write your information in a way to make even the biggest pessimistic consider your company for a purchase.

6. Helpful tips

Feel free to provide common information in this section as well, such as standard shipping and return procedures. The easier you make the purchase process, the better!

Overall, the information provided in your “About Us” section should answer several questions a new customer may have, but most importantly in online selling it should answer the question- Why should I trust purchasing from you? Providing easily accessible company information will show that you have nothing to hide and instead, you want to educate your potential customers about your business. Providing insight as to who you are and what you do adds a personal, trustworthy touch that may make the difference between a visitor and a customer.