Email And Social Habits Of Holiday Shoppers [Research]


Email marketing software provider Yesmail Interactive conducted an interesting study, combining dafdsfsdfasdfa consumer survey on general and holiday shop...

Should You Show Cart Totals In Checkout?


I recently listened in on a web clinic from Marketing Experiments titled Optimizing Shopping Carts for the Holidays. One of the case studies presented was particularly intriguing. If you read the title of this post you guessed the subject of the test — showing cart totals in checkout. Cart totals in checkout – best practice? Back in 2007, Elastic Path conducted an audit of the Internet Retailer Top 100 for our Ecommerce Checkout Report. At th...

Unicommerce services provide to etailers in managing


Inventory serialization (Bar-coding) – In Uniware we provide support for assigning unique serial number to every unit even of the same product. This enables us to capture various details like vendor, purchase date, product expiry, sent-to customer and unit specific information like IMEI (mobiles) which we believe is essential to control several common issues like wrong product shipments, ensuring inventory FIFO, pilferage, inventory ageing ...