[Instant Redemption] Mushroom Soup

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[Instant Redemption] Mushroom Soup

There are times when you'd like to save and also have a meal that can satisfy your hunger. Feed your tummy with some yummylicious delights at Cha is Tea. Indulge in mouthwatering servings in your 3-Course Meal which you will not regret. There's only one thing that's left to be said; Bon appétit!

- New opened cafe beside Old Town, Jalan Perak
- Cozy and relaxing environment with nice ambience 
- Comfortable, air conditioned dining area to enjoy your meal 
- Outdoor seating available 
- Friendly and cordial services

What You Get:
Offer 1: 2Pax (RM14) - only RM7 per person
Offer 2: 4Pax (RM24) - only RM6 per person

3-Course Meal Includes:
a) Mushroom Soup

b) Main Course (choose one):
- Carbonara Spaghetti 
- Bolognese Chicken Spaghetti

c) Dessert 
- Pudding



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