10 Yoga Classes, One Month of Yoga, or One Month of Classes and a Massage at Dharma Hot Yoga

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10 Yoga Classes, One Month of Yoga, or One Month of Classes and a Massage at Dharma Hot Yoga

Dharma Hot Yoga

Equipment: two studios, showers, blankets, weights, yoga mats, bolsters, and blocks
Students should bring: yoga mat, bottle of water, workout clothes, and go-get-it enthusiasm
Average class length: 60-90 minutes
Number of Staff: 1–5 people
Class location: Indoors only
Registration required: Yes
Good for beginners: Yes
Guests allowed: Yes
Parking: Parking lot
Pro Tip: Ancient yoga traditions bring new awarenesses, awakening a deeper connection to yourself and others.

Q&A with Shasenaye', Marketing Director

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?
When it comes to motivation Dharma Hot Yoga has a sensible approach. We recommend three solutions.

One, check in with an instructor about your goals. Set a goal, visualize the actuation of the goal, list the reasons for the goal and break the steps into intermediate achievements like (finishing ten classes in two weeks).

Two, define your strategy. Let this work for you, for example if you are training and have reached an edge, allow for a few Restorative Yoga classes to boost your internal needs before pushing forward again. In addition, bring a friend or get to know your classmates. Allow the team mentality to inspire you into action.

Three, visit the big picture. Dharma offers great deals on massage and aesthetician services. If there is a desire to look good and feel excellent then treat yourself to a few of the other services and get back on track.

What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student?
At Dharma every class starts with a bit of expectation and excitement. Then whether you are doing a rigorous workout class or one of our relaxation series we will get down to business with focus and centered movement. Each class ends with either a round of high fives, a resting pose, or an internal moment of meditation followed by a smile of gratitude.



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